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Refunding donations

If the target is not reached and if the donor decides not to award the donation to another project, he is entitled to a full refund. To submit a request, simply provide banking details in the member account in order to receive a transfer payment.

What if a project fails to reach the target?

Sometimes, the project owner fails to reach the target that he fixed. In such cases, he receives none of the donations, and donors are entitled to a refund, or they may decide to award their donation to another project.

Can I cancel a donation?

You may cancel your donation as long as the fundraising target has not been reached.  To do so, open your Member Account and click on "Cancel a Donation".

How do I obtain my reward(s)?

The project owner promises you a reward corresponding to the amount(s) of your donation(s). Most often, these rewards are based on the success of the fundraising program, and are sent at a later date. The delivery times may therefore depend on the project and the agenda set by the project owners.

What happens if the target amount is reached?

You will be automatically informed when a project has reached its fundraising target. If it was reached before the fixed expiry date, you can still make a donation and thus help the project exceed its initial target! 

News about the project

Project owners promise to keep the community up to date on how the project is progressing. This information is available by clicking on the "News" tab on the project page.

How to monitor the progress of a project?

Each project can be funded over a given period. 

How to promote a project

While you are making your donation, you will get the chance to share the information on various social networks: Don’t miss the chance to invite friends to join you in the adventure!

In fact, the success of a project often depends on this kind of sharing.

How to make a donation on Fundovino?

You can make your payment on our secure payment page. Donation payments are made exclusively by credit card, and are processed by our partner S-Money/BPCE on a dedicated and secure web page.

Once the payment transaction is confirmed, you receive confirmation of your donation by email and the project owner is immediately informed of your support.

How to register on Fundovino?

If you are not already registered, you can then sign up for free on Fundovino. You will be asked to provide your first and last names and a pseudonym if you wish, an email address, a delivery address to receive your reward and finally, your age.

You can also sign up via your Facebook account, Google+, LinkedIn or Viadeo and it takes just a simple click. 

The donation amount

Choose the amount of your donation, depending on the compensation promised by the project owner. You may also choose whether to publicly display the amount of your donation next to your profile, or not to mention the amount. 

How to choose a project?

Start by selecting the project that is most dear to your heart and decide how much you want to donate. Click on “Support the Project” 


If you would like to help one of the project owners on our platform, it could not be easier!

You are just a few steps away from becoming a Fundovinor and helping us develop the world of wine.