Payments are totally secure thanks to our partner Mangopay. We use their secure e-payment system to process all credit card payments. User data is encrypted, and Fundovino has no access whatsoever to this data, which is not stored on our platform.

Payments and bookkeeping issues

Your contributions are donations or support and, in general, such payments do not give rise to tax deductions.

In some rare cases, project owners are public interest organizations and this will be pointed out in the project description. In this case, the project owner may provide you with a Cerfa document (N° 11580*03) and 66% of the donation amount will be eligible for tax reduction, limited to 20% of your taxable income.

Means of payment

For the moment, only payments by credit card are accepted.

Donations are refunded by bank transfer.

How funds are transferred?

When a Fundoviner makes a donation, the funds are transferred to a dedicated escrow account, where they remain until the end of the fundraising period.

If the goal is not reached, the funds are not transferred to the project owner and Fundoviners can then decide what they would like us to do with them.

If the goal is reached or exceeded at the end of the collection period, the funds are released and transferred to the project owner. A commission of 8% including tax is deducted (5% for Fundovino + 3% secure transaction fees).