What happens if my project does not reach its fundraising target?

If total donations fail to reach the target amount by the end of the set collection period, the project is considered incomplete. Whatever the amount collected, all donations are automatically refunded in full to each "Fundoviner".

Fundovino is not entitled to compensation or commission from the project owner. The project may be redefined and a new one submitted at a later date.

How do I receive the donations made to my project?

If the total donation amount reaches or exceeds the targeted amount before the end of the fundraising period, then the funds collected* on Fundovino are paid to the project owner by bank transfer.

* We deduct a total 8%, which covers a 5% commission for Fundovino and 3% for the banking institution for their secure e-payment service.

How do I promote my project?

Promoting a project and collecting donations to reach your funding target begin as soon as the project is published on the site.

The site presents the project, its owner and the fundraising campaign to potential online visitors.

The services available on the site enable you to play an ambassador role for your project. You can market and promote your project by networking with a multitude of potential donors.

To maximize your chances of funding the project, Fundovino highly recommends that you publish regular "news" on your project page and interact with donors who would like to learn more.

You can also continue to build on the relationships with your donors once the fundraising period expires. To keep donors up to date, you may post photos and information on how the project is progressing, how it is being implemented, as well as the various improvements and benefits resulting from the project.

It is important to remember that the first donors, and all donors in general, are your main project drivers. They can support your fundraising initiative by spreading positive word of mouth to other potential donors.

By building a pleasant and lasting relationship with your donors, you are more credible as a project manager, thus increasing your chances of funding your project successfully.

What type of rewards can be offered and how do I match them with the donation amount?

Project owners promise to thank their donors by offering in-kind rewards.

You should set different donation levels and their corresponding gifts.

It is your role as project owner to decide how many reward levels there are and the corresponding donation amounts.

The minimum donation amount on Fundovino.com is 5 €.

Contributions are usually symbolic, donors contribute simply because they have a "soft spot" for your project and do not expect any gifts in return, just a gesture of appreciation and gratitude from the project owner, for example their name published on the project’s Facebook page or on the project owner’s website (this first reward level may be different, but remain along the same lines).

The general rule of thumb is that rewards increase in value and add up as donations move up a level.

Here is an example of possible reward levels and the corresponding donation amounts (for guidance only):

  • 1st level: 10 € and more

Reward 1 = a thank you message on the project’s Facebook page

  • 2nd level: 20 € and more

Reward 2 = reward 1 + an invitation to a wine tasting event

  • 3rd level: 50 € and more

Reward 3 = reward 2 + two bottles to take away from the wine tasting event

  • 4th level: 100 € and more

Reward 4 = reward 3 + two magnums to take away from the wine tasting event

  • 5th level: 150 € and more

Reward 5 = reward 4 + a private tour of the wine estate

  • 6th level: 300 € and more

Reward 6 = reward 5 + one night bed and breakfast for two people on the wine estate

These rewards are only due if the fundraising target is successfully reached.

How do I choose the most suitable fundraising period for my project?

It is important to adapt the length of this period to suit the needs of your project.

Once the project has been published and fundraising has started, you cannot change the period initially set.

On average, it takes 45 days to raise funds for a project.

You can choose between the following fundraising periods:

          - 30 days         

          - 45 days

          - 60 days

          - 75 days

          - 90 days

However, if you reach the fundraising target or exceed it, you may interrupt the fundraising campaign sooner. 

Which project categories are available on Fundovino?

The various categories help Fundovino users and donors to browse through the different projects available.

When you submit a project, you must select a main category and a sub-category.

Example: Main category: Vineyard     Sub-category: Organic/natural

When a project is submitted, Fundovino reserves the right to change the project category to a more suitable one before publishing the project.

List of project categories on Fundovino:

          - Adopt a grapevine

Sponsor a vineyard for a year and help a winegrower work on a new plot of land or acquire new vines.

          - Work on the vines

Help develop wine growing: purchase of ploughs, planting, harvesting or pruning work, etc.

          - Work in the cellar

Help improve and optimize wine making tools to produce better quality wine and increase yield: new bottling equipment, replacement barrels, etc.

          - Organic and Natural methods

Support eco-friendly methods and initiatives: organic certification, pest management, conversion to biodynamic wine growing, etc.

          - Wine tourism

Promote ideas for tourist attractions based on the wine theme.

          - Wine Shops

Help wine shops and their projects to distribute wines and spirits.

          - Culture

Support the development of learning materials focusing on wine: events, books, games, etc.

          - Innovation

Bring innovative projects to life: prototypes, application development, R&D, etc.

          - Others Alscohols

Encourage projects to create or produce spirits.

Who is eligible to lead a project on Fundovino?

Any individual aged at least 18 and who has full legal capacity in accordance with the Terms of Use, or any company or association.

The project must fall into one of the categories listed on Fundovino (see list of categories below).

Once your project has been accepted, it will be published as soon as possible and you will receive confirmation by email.

Fundovino reserves the right to refuse the publication of a project.

What items do I need to submit for a project?

When you submit a project, the user interface provides step-by-step guidance on the best way to present your project on the website.

Here are the main elements that you need to provide:

            • A title for your project (maximum 40 characters): This is the title that will be used in the URL for SEO purposes. Example: www.fundovino.com/fr/Le-titre-de-mon-projet

            • A main picture to present your project: This picture will be used in thumbnails that provide a brief summary of your project;

            • A short project description (maximum 140 characters): This text will appear underneath the main picture in thumbnails, providing brief information about your project;

            • A more detailed description of your project: This should include a brief biography and a summary of the project owner’s activity. It is important to provide a clear, concise description of the project, a detailed allocation of funding, how it will help maintain the level of quality of your products or enable improvements, and a list of expected benefits.

You can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo by simply copying its URL and you may also upload additional photos to illustrate your project page.

In addition, to promote deeper understanding and add credibility to your project, we suggest that you upload additional documents such as cost estimates, proforma invoices, 2-D drawings, hardware or tool datasheets, a specific project brochure or package, feasibility study, work authorization or building permission, etc.

In which language(s) can I submit a project?

Fundovino is available in French and English and all projects can be submitted in two languages: French and English

The project launch interface is designed to help you easily add a video, photos and text in both languages.

If your project is in French only, a translation will not be displayed if visitors to the site select English as their browser language preference.

How do I submit a project?

We are pleased that you are considering submitting your project to Fundovino.

After registering with Fundovino, you can become a project owner by submitting an online application for funding for one or more projects.

Your project should be guided by needs that help promote your work and attract potential donors. It should be original, innovative, fun or environmentally-friendly to encourage people to make donations.