How does Fundovino earn money?

Fundovino provides a website, or networking platform that offers the opportunity for project owners from the world of wine to network with online visitors and potential donors.

Acting as an intermediary, Fundovino receives a 5% commission when a fundraising campaign is successful. This commission is borne by the project owner, and only if the targeted campaign amount is reached or exceeded.

On top of Fundovino’s 5% commission, a further 3% is deducted to cover secure banking fees. Again, these fees are only deducted if the campaign is successful. In total, the fees borne by the project owner amount to 8% of the funds raised, including tax.

If the project fails to reach its target amount, Fundovino charges no commission and each Fundovinor who made a donation is entitled to a full refund on his Fundovino account. 

How does the reward system work?

The project owner is free to choose what rewards will be on offer to Fundovinors in exchange for their donations to projects. 

If the fundraising campaign is successful, the project owner sends their physical rewards to the Fundovinors. In this case, for each reward the delivery times are indicated on the project page.

Fundovino reserves the right to refuse publication of a project if the rewards are not in line with the spirit that we expect on Fundovino. When we believe it is the case, we ask the project owner to modify the reward conditions. Unfortunately, if he fails to do so, we will have no other option than to refuse the project once and for all.

Can a donation made on Fundovino be compared to real investment?

Your contributions on Fundovino are considered as donations. It is not to be compared with becoming a shareholder or owner and receiving royalties or speculating on a project.

Your donation is a way of doing a good deed, helping a project that appeals to you in exchange for an in-kind gift from the project owner.

What if the target is not reached?

Sometimes, the project fails to reach the set target. In such cases, the project leader does not receive the donations and donors are entitled to a refund, or they may decide to award their donation to another project.

What is the All or Nothing rule?

Projects must raise at least 100% of the targeted fundraising amount initially set by the project leader for Fundoviner donations to be released and transferred from the escrow account.

Why should I back a project on Fundovino?

The first reason may simply be that you are a wine lover.

More importantly, thanks to your contribution and by supporting an entire sector, you will be playing a role in a participatory and solidarity-based economy.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding involves bringing together project owners and the general public to collectively promote and finance a project.

The total amount raised by individual donors is used by project owners to finance projects that would otherwise require bank loans or personal equity.

In exchange for cash donations, project owners offer in-kind gifts to donors.

This is the crowdfunding model used by Fundovino.

FUNDOVINO - About us

We are a tiny team of Web entrepreneurs with complementary skills, who came together as partners to develop the Fundovino project. Yet together, we have two things in common: the love of wine and new ideas. Our shared passion led us to the creation of Fundovino, the first crowdfunding site dedicated to the world of wine.

Fundovino is a platform for exchange between, on the one hand, innovators wishing to promote a project that breaks with tradition or provides a glimpse of the future, and on the other, donors with a desire to discover and help develop new ideas and maybe even leave some sort of lasting impact.