The Web entrepreneurs, who came together as partners to develop the Fundovino project, are all specialists in their own field: management, development, marketing and communication.

Yet together, they have two things in common: their love of wine and new ideas...

Their shared passion led to the creation of the Fundovino project, the first crowdfunding site dedicated to the world of wine.

The Fundovino project is quite unique:

• It is inspired by a deep respect for the vine but also for the men who nurture, nourish and transform it for the delight of others.

• Its ethic is to promote and develop the world of wine.

There is a form of mutual commitment between the parties:

- Project owners adhere to a "code of good practice", based on a number of essential themes: quality, elegance, nature and soil conservation, and a desire to ensure that winemaking continues to flourish.

- Potential investors or donors contribute and play an active role in a project that they have always dreamed of, or an initiative that attracts, inspires or just simply interests them...

Fundovino is a platform for exchange between, on the one hand, innovators wishing to promote a project that breaks with tradition or provides a glimpse of the future, and on the other, donors with a desire to discover and help develop new ideas and maybe even leave some sort of lasting impact.

In fact, we believe that your enthusiasm for wine matters more than profit.